The San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA)

The SJDA is a non-profit, membership-based organization founded in 1986 to represent business and property owners. We make downtown a better place for business, residents and visitors through events, advocacy, marketing and more.


Michael Rewkiewicz
Frank, Rimerman & Co., LLP

VP of Operations:

Katia McClain

Steinberg Hart

VP of Marketing:

Sam Ramirez

Continental Bar, Lounge & Patio


Doug Bartl


Nick Nichols
The Tabard Theatre Company

Immediate Past President:
Stan Vuckovich




David Buchholz

Colliers International

Brian Corbett


Chris Neale

The Core Companies


Jeanne Serpa

Republic Services


Elizabeth Truong

Lee’s Sandwiches Corp.


Geri Wong
Cornish & Carey Commercial Newmark Knight Frank



Brian Bates
San Jose State University

Joshua Burroughs

Urban Catalyst

Ernst Calais


Elizabeth Cirone

Hopkins & Carley

Gino De Bernardo

Downtown resident

John Fernandez

Downtown resident

Breanna Gilbert 
KQED Silicon Valley

Jarrod Jenkins

Ed Lambert
Bridge Bank

Julie Riera Matsushima 
Downtown Resident

Dalton “Chima” Osuka 

Garrett Perez

Pinnacle Peak Advisors, LLC

Dan Pulcrano

Silcon Valley Metro Newspapers

Dennis Randall
Insight Realty Company

Marissa Silver

Ryan Summers
Good Karma Artisan Ales & Cafe

Neda Tabatabaie

San Jose Sharks


Want to get involved? Let us know which committee you're interested in joining. Email Corinna Dixon at

Executive Committee

The President of the Board of Directors chairs this 11-member committee. The immediate past president is ex-officio member. This committee manages the activities and affairs of the association and exercises all powers granted to the Board by the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. Makes policy, advocacy and program recommendations to

Chair: Michael Rewkiewicz

Next meeting: January 31, 8:30 a.m., SJDA, 28 N. First St., Suite 1000  (committee members only)

Advocacy Committee

Represents downtown business and property owner to government and elected officials. Develops recommendations on policies impacting downtown. Supports other committees including parking and BART. Sets SJDA’s positions on specific issues including housing, retail, crime, cleanlinss and shuttles. Meets as needed.

Chair: David Buchholz

Past meeting: The Advocacy Committee met on Nov. 27.  The committee discussed potential models for capturing and spending value created by changing OEI building height limits on the west side of downtown.

Next meeting: January 22, 9 a.m., Hoge Fenton, 60 S. Market St., Suite 1400

Board Organizational Committee

Organizes recruitment, training and mixers for board members.

Chair: Joseph Horrigan

Past meeting: The Committee met on June 13 to review board support, processes, engagement and recruitment.  

Next meeting: TBD

Downtown Design Committee

Consists of architects, designers, and urbanists advocating for design excellence in the downtown core using. The committee honors outstanding projects with Golden Nail awards.

Chair: Steve Cox

Past meetingThe committee met on Oct. 24 and reviewed a proposed mid rise residential project from Acquity Realty at 477 S. Market St.

Next meeting: January 23, 3 p.m., Steinberg Hart, 125 S Market St #110

Downtown Commercial Properties

Informational meetings for owners and managers of large downtown commercial properties.  Meets on an ad hoc basis.

Contact: Chloe Verrey

Past MeetingThe committee met on Oct. 17 to receive an update on public safety and BART construction.   

Next meeting: January 16, 2 p.m., Ten Almaden, 10 Almaden Blvd.

Downtown Parking Board

This public-private entity discusses downtown parking issues and budgets.

Chair: Henry Cord

Past meeting: The Board met on Oct. 3 to approve its FY 2017-18 Financial Report and 2018-19 capital budget.

Next meeting: February 3, 2019, 10 a.m., City Hall, 13th Floor, Room 1352

Finance Committee

Reviews and approves the SJDA budget.

Chair: Sarju Naran

Past meetingThe Finance Committee met on November 28.  October financial statements were reviewed and discussed along with review of FY 18-19 budget.  Staff provided an update on ice rink for the 18-19 season. Other matters included discussion of new committee members for 2018.  Sarju Naran will term off the board as treasurer and committee chair at the end of 2018. Members thanked Naran for his one year of service.  Doug Bartl will assume the position of board treasurer and committee chair in 2019. Members also thanked Peggy Bradley for her exemplary work as SJDA Finance and Administration Director.  There will no meeting in December.

Next meeting: January 23, 9 a.m., SJDA, 28 N. First St., Suite 1000

Food and Entertainment Committee

Food, nightlife and entertainment-related businesses meet to discuss industry- and downtown-specific topics, such as safety, permitting, business attraction and marketing and promotions.

Chair: Sam Ramirez

Past Meeting: The committee met on Nov. 28 to discuss safety issues and operations with the San Jose Police Department.

Next meeting: TBA

Historic District

Deals with concerns regarding events, construction, safety and marketing of this downtown neighborhood.

Contact: Jonathan Borca  

Past meeting: Committee priorities include activating public and vacant spaces, branding/marketing, BART construction, general safety and touring San Jose staples/landmarks.  The committee’s next meeting will be a mixer on Jan. 17.

Next meeting: January 17,TBD


Provides oversight and makes recommendations on SJDA’s long-term and short-term goals involving branding, marketing efforts, and promotions.  Ensures that a consistent, positive message is being delivered to the public about Downtown San Jose and SJDA. Meets as needed.

Chair: Alan “Gumby” Marques

Co-Chair: Lee Kopp

Past Meeting: This team met on Jan. 8 and discussed branding efforts of each district and key stakeholders in Downtown San Jose to help inform upcoming campaigns.

Next Meeting: February 5, 3:30 p.m., SJDA, 28 N. First St., Suite 1000

PBID Board of Directors

The directors oversee management and finances of the property-based improvement district. It’s meeting notices, minutes and agendas are on the PBID pages of this website.

President: Chuck Hammers

Past Meeting: The PBID Board met Dec. 5 to select officers for 2019, and heard updates from staff on the SEU Program, MOMENT at San Pedro Squared and potential Fountain Alley activation efforts.

Next Meeting: January 29, 8:30 a.m., SJDA, 28 N. First St., Suite 1000

San Jose Downtown Foundation

The foundation hosts, organizes and fundraises for Downtown Doors and other art projects downtown. Visit the Foundation page on this website to learn more.

Contact: Bree von Faith

Past Meeting: Foundation trustees met on Dec. 20 to review the annual plan, talk through program expansion, track board outreach and to discuss potential partnerships.

Next Meeting:January 17, Noon, SJDA, 28 N. First St., Suite 1000

San Pedro Square Committee

This committee works on marketing, events, safety and other issues in the San Pedro Square neighborhood.

Chair: Nick Nichols

Past meeting: The committee met on Dec. 18. Malain McCormick and Sheridan Spivey from the College Football Playoff host committee gave an update on the street closure for San Pedro Street. The street will be activated from Jan. 4-7 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the Dos Equis Beer Garden will operate from noon-6 p.m. Over the last few months, 3-4 different options have been discussed for the street closure pilot. The committee will continue the discussion to come up with different scenarios/days/times for activating the street in order to gather the most feedback. One design entry was submitted for the new San Pedro Square logo. The leadership team will review the logo at the next leadership team meeting.

Next meeting: TBD

SoFA Leadership Team

This committee deals with neighborhood issues, markets events and more.

Chair: Anjee Helstrup-Alvarez

Past meeting: The SoFA Leadership Team met on Nov. 28.  The team discussed the perspectives of key stakeholders in the district to identify goals and future initiatives. The SoFA Leadership Team meetings will occur every other month and are open to the public.

Next meeting: February 27, 3:30 p.m., Forager Tasting Room & Eatery, 420 S. First St.

SoFAC (South First Area Committee)

This committee deals with neighborhood issues, markets events and more.

Chair: Roger Springall

Past meeting: SoFAC met on Oct. 31.  The meeting featured updates on public safety with a Q&A with SJPD and a meet and greet with new SoFA property owners, Urban Community.  The general SoFA Committee Meetings now occur every other month.

Next meeting: January 30, 4 p.m., Forager Tasting Room & Eatery, 420 S. First St.

Downtown Community Development Corporation

The mission of this committee is to attract investment to downtown San Jose, facilitate real estate development and investment, support downtown San Jose businesses, contribute to the overall economic health of downtown, and respond to unforeseen development opportunities throughout the downtown core.

Contact: Henry Cord

Past meeting: The Downtown Community Development Corporation (DCDC) met on October 26 to hear updates on the Almaden Median project, and to elect three new Board members.  DCDC will hold its annual organizational meeting on January 25.

Next meeting: January 25, 9 a.m., SJDA, 28 N. First St., Suite 1000

St. James Park Advisory Committee

This committee deals with issues related to the park and activities in it. It also working with others on redesigning the park.

Contact: Scott Knies

Past meeting: The Advisory Committee met Nov. 30 to discuss progress on capital/design, safety, feeding, maintenance and activation.  City staff is reviewing 25% design drawings on the park.

Next meeting: January 25, 9 a.m., City Hall, Room T955  



Executive Director
Scott Knies

Accounting Manager
Cheuk Law

Office Manager
Corinna M. Dixon

Administrative and Program Assistant
Danielle Ratliff

Director of Policy and Operations 
Derrick Seaver

PBID Operations Manager
Chloe Verrey

Street Life Manager
Jason Su

Business Development Manager
Nate LeBlanc

Director of Marcom and Events
Bree von Faith

Communications Director
Rick Jensen

Marketing Director
Julie Carlson

Events and Promotions Manager 
Amy Anderson

Partnership Manager
Jonathan Borca

Web Lead
Archana Dalgleish


BID stands for Business Improvement District. A BID is authorized by state law and created by the city council. Its purpose is to promote and improve a specific area for the benefit of businesses within the area. The BID fee a property assesment that pays for that work. In San Jose, the city assesses all business license holders a BID fee annually.