Assisting with immediate needs

SJDA'S team is ready to help sort out strategic details that strengthen your operations

As the urban center of Silicon Valley, downtown San Jose is home to office workers, high-rise condo dwellers and students. Downtown teems with household tech names, start-ups, shopping and restaurants.

The workforce and population downtown is young, educated and diverse. With lots of dining, after-work entertainment options and retail experiences, there are loads of opportunities downtown.

SJDA’s Business Development and Support team continues to nurture downtown’s storefront economy and help businesses recover from the tribulations of pandemic as quickly as possible.

Permitting Regulations

What’s Currently Planned

This team works directly with small businesses that are opening or expanding operations. Based out of the Business Coaching Center, they guide you through the permitting and approvals process.

SJDA Business Development Team

Nate LeBlanc

 Besides assisting with permitting and approvals with the City, Nate and Omar can also help people with:

Parklet information

• Streamlined Restaurant Program

• County Health Department regulations, permitting and issues

Need help getting started downtown?

Business Development Nate LeBlanc  and Business Resiliency Manager Omar Torres  can walk you through City Hall permitting processes, help you find a location and more.

Omar Torres

This initiative provides financial support to small businesses moving into previously vacant storefronts. Currently the program provides up to $16,000 in waived permitting fees.

Available Commercial Properties

During pandemic, the team assisted some businesses gain access to capital and make connections to grants and loans.  They are on the lookout for new opportunities and business initiatives.  Check SJDA’s weekly message to businesses for leads, and check in with Nate or Omar if you have questions.